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A Thought on Poptimism
And not identifying with poptimism

Digable Planets: Blowout Comb
Since I live in Fort Greene I took a special interest in the reissue of this record. I believe this is the first rap record I’ve written a proper review of since Graduation (Kanye’s, not mine), which I reviewed for a weekly I think. Great record and loved revisiting it. 

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories
Reviewed one of the year’s big records for Pitchfork. It offered an opportunity for me to meditate on one of my favorite subjects, how changes in technology in the 70s and 80s changed the way music was experienced. 

A Thought About “Knowing” People Mostly Online
Safe to say I will be returning to this subject, human connection in the digital age, with some regularity for as long as I’m alive.

On KISS and Small-Town Michigan
Quick few things on reading an oral history of KISS and thinking about the first band I ever loved. 

On Being 16 and Discovering the Violent Femmes
A scene that makes me think I grew up inside of Superbad.

A Stray Thought on Music Writing That Probably Shouldn’t Be Taken Too Seriously
Still thinking through why I do this and what it might mean. 

A Strange and Intense Night at Burning Man
Looking back at some experiences at Burning Man in the 1990s.  

Life in the Age of Plastic
A quick thought on how broadcasting our lives changes in-person interaction.

Liz Phair: “Whip-Smart”
"Otherness" and the words and persona of Liz Phair.

Spring Breaking
Three memories of going to Ft. Myers my senior year in high school.

My Life as a Telemarketer
On raising money for the King County Police Union by calling people during dinner and begging for it.

Return to Forever
Meditating on an album cover and thinking back to a time when the LP was more central people’s lives. 

My Life as an Analog Spammer
Memories of an early job putting leaflets on windshields.

Touching the Void During Hurricane Gaston
On walking home through a hurricane, inspired by the incredible tale of a mountaineer. 

"Happy Birthday, Kurt"
A column meditating on Kurt Cobain as an icon and a person.

A Thing That Happened to Me One Time
Considering the time I was mistaken for a homeless person and what that means about my own sense of privilege. 

My Bloody Valentine: mbv
My review of an album I never thought I’d hear.

Interview with The Vitalist
A fun conversation where I got to talk about music, writing, my column, general thoughts on criticism. 

At the Laundromat
A note on an encounter in a place where I get a lot of ideas. 

Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Allelujah! Don’t Bend...
Reviewed the new Godspeed album, enjoyed writing about it. 

Fishing Boat, Part 2
More on my two seasons working on a boat in Alaska; talk mostly about the daily work routine. 

The Elephant Man and Me
Detailing a childhood obsession with the body and deformity and learning from David Lynch that our bodies are little factories. 

A Couple of Thoughts on David Lynch
Eraserhead, Philly, living with my girlfriend for the first time, and a serial killer in Yosemite: Thinking about fear and David Lynch. 

Last Thoughts on Lana Del Rey (Not Really)
A late attempt at what she means and why I still find her interesting. 

Paul Thomas Anderson and Motivation
More thinking about my late 20s, my time trying to write a screenplay, and a strange trip to the Sundance Film Festival

Silver Jews: “How to Rent a Room”
A short piece written for a talk at an event for the 10th Anniversary of Fluxbog. How a single line can hit you at the perfect time and change things. 

On Mike Tyson & Fatherhood
Written after repeatedly watching a section of the film Tyson

Bruce Springsteen Live at the Main Point
A couple of thoughts about this legendary bootleg and Springsteen’s career in early 1975

The “A” is for Adam
After the death of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, I wrote an Afterword for Pitchfork and a quick post with some stray thoughts. 

On Fiona Apple and Bodily Memory
Music about how the body holds memories and a story of a car accident.  

On Fishing Boats, Neil Young, and VU
I talk about my experiences working on a fishing boat in Alaska in the 1990s, including life on the boat, Neil Young, and the Velvet Underground.

Follow People if You Like Their Music
Column where I think about the idea of music “sharing” and also instances where I’d rather read about an album than listen to it.

Three Things re Instagram
Some ideas in the wake of that $1 billion sale.

Things I Remember Writing: Animal Collective MPP

A Couple of Thoughts re the Springsteen Keynote
Thinking about Springsteen and “authenticity” after SXSW. 

On Cindy Sherman
A thought about her MOMA exhibition and the idea of the female Bohemian. 

Things I Remember Writing: Yesterday Once More
On a column about the Flamingos, the Field, Mercury Rev, and the devastating power of “I Only Have Eyes for You”. 

Sinead O’Connor Booed off the Stage at the Dylan Tribute
A quick meditation on this strange cultural moment. 

The Last American Virgin, Nice Guy Syndrome, and Lana Del Rey

Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures

About Lana Del Rey, David Lynch, Dirty Beaches, and the idea of music-making as re-blog. By some margin the most popular column I’ve ever written in 10 years of doing this. That’s what a piece about Lana Del Rey gets you!

Remembering the Pre-Internet World
On seeing Gummo at a backyard movie party.

The Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions
Had a lot of fun researching and writing this review.  

Eleven thoughts on the Grateful Dead’s “The Eleven”

My First Night in New York
Contemplating my move from Chicago to Brooklyn, I look back on  my first night in the city many years ago. 

Watch the Sound
On rap music, fear, aggression, Swans, and what happens when we feel music but don’t necessarily identify with it. This is conceivably my “Odd Future Piece.”

This Song Changed My Life
Soundgarden’s “My Wave” and a chance encounter that changed something about how I listen to music. 

Nine Short Pieces on the Smiths
Pretty self-explanatory.

A Very Brief Guide to Nina Simone
In answer to a question seeking recommendations. 

Add to Playlist; Share; Embed
On year-end list-making and the strange power of sharing your favorite music.

Barbara Mortgenstern: Temptation
Wrote about her version, but more broadly what this song meant to me as a kid (New Order’s version) and also how it may have soundtracked some awkward and exciting early experiences on the dancefloor.

Not Magic Yet
On tUnE-yArDs, Christina Aguiliera, “Beautiful”, “Fiya”, self-loathing, and the transformative power of music. My favorite thing I wrote in calendar year 2010.

Michael Jackson R.I.P.
I wrote this the evening that he died. It’s not very long, but it took me a while. Tried to get at the positive and negative feelings I had for him.

Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
This might have been my first 10.0 for Pitchfork. I’ve gotten some nice emails about this review over the years. 

Nuno Canavarro: Plux Quba
Wrote about this strange and wonderful album for Sound Collector in 2002. 

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